We are The Food For Life Organization

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Welcome, we are The Food For Life Organization and our main objective

is to fight against malnutrition, starvation and world hunger.

We have observed the state of both children and adults alike

suffering from malnutrition and we have created a product that aims to scurb this.

Introducing Our New Product: Mimaso

So what is Mimaso?

Mimaso is a blend of Maize, Soya, Sorghum, Vitamins and Minerals

in the form of flour. It is that it is healthy, fortified and affordable.

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This product realy does help people especially children with eradicate malnutrition. Since it is certified by a professional nutritionist, it is healthy and tasty. We make sure to fortify it and consult doctors.
Gloria Estelle, Kenya
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Mimaso from The Food for Life Company is indeed an interesting product aimed at eliminating malnutrition and starvation. It has all the nutrients needed in the body.
Stephen Ajulu, Nairobi, Kenya